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Nursing a Newborn: Baby's Tummy Size

Many moms think they need to producing a large amount of milk from the get go but that is so far from the case. So many moms think they aren't producing enough milk or have a supply problem, when in reality, baby's tummy is so small in the first few weeks. That's why they don't eat much at once and feed more frequently. Also remember that every mom's beast produce milk differently.

Some women have breasts with a very large capacity for milk and others only have a small capacity. Don't worry if you are one with a smaller breast capacity, it just means baby may not space out their feedings as much. Take me for example: my daughter is 10 months and still needs to nurse every 2-3 hours whereas friends of mine have babies that only need to nurse every 4 hours. Every mom and every baby is different!

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March 08, 2016 by Erin M
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