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I can be proud of breastfeeding without it meaning that I'm shaming you...


There seems to be an endless mommy war between breastfeeding moms and formula feeding moms. Why?

It's an endless damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you breastfeed, you are offending someone. If you formula feed, you are judged. No matter what you do, in someone's eyes, you are wrong. 

But does that mean that if I am proud of breastfeeding and I advocate for others breastfeeding, that I am somehow shaming a mom who doesn't breastfeed? I think no, but not everyone agrees. By posting breastfeeding photos, articles, memes, etc. that are pro-breastfeeding, some think that you are shaming moms who cannot or chose not to breastfeed. Honestly, I think this is totally ridiculous. 

Let's use this comparison.

You have always wanted to run a marathon. You knew the training would be incredibly difficult. You wanted to give up a hundred times, but you pushed through until running became easier and second nature to you. And now you love running and you finally reached your goal of running a marathon. You are so proud of yourself and you should be! So, you post pictures of the races you run on social media and post about training goals you met along the way, like losing weight and getting in shape.

Would anyone shoot your posts down saying that you were shaming those who weren't exercising or who were overweight? No, that's absurd. 


Well, how is posting photos of breastfeeding any different. 

Breastfeeding is HARD for many moms. You have to push through the pain and tears. Eventually it does become easy and second nature. So, obviously you are proud. You've come to love breastfeeding and you want to share what you love and what you've achieved, right? And you should.

Just because I am proud of something that someone else didn't do doesn't mean I'm shaming them in any way. I'm proud of my accomplishments and you can be proud of yours. Let's all stop judging and making everything so personal. 

April 27, 2016 by Erin M
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Sarah said:

I couldn’t have said it better! Love this, thank you for sharing!


Kimmy said:

Seriously LOVE this! I nursed my daughter for 19 months(now 3) and am still nursing my 13 month old son. Both very different experiences both had their own challenges but we persisted, we pushed through and we fell in love. Everytime I nurse my wild toddler and there’s that moment of calm, and connection I fall in love all over again just like the first time I held my babies in my arms. Love should never be criticized or shamed. Nurse on and be proud Mamas!

Erin @ Latched on Love

Erin @ Latched on Love said:

Thanks so much Sarah and Kimmy! :)


Dayna said:

This 1000x!!! My neighbor told me before my daughter was born that she felt judged by me because I’m so pro breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is what is best for our family. I’m also getting ready to start the process to become a milk donor, I am very proud of that…

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