Welcome to Latched on Love!

Welcome to Latched on Love!

My husband and I couldn't be more excited about the official launch of Latched on Love. This is our baby in a way and we are loving this crazy adventure so far. 

There have been weeks and weeks of late nights (which, let me tell you, is not easy with a 6 month old who isn't even close to sleeping through the night). We've already learned some lessons along the way and hope to continue learning as much as we can to build Latched on Love into the best possible nursing wear company there is! 

More and more mothers are breastfeeding but unfortunately stylish and affordable nursing clothes remain difficult to find. It is our hope that you come to rely on Latched on Love for all your nursing clothes and accessories. We are constantly on the look out for new styles and brands to feature on our website. Whether it be our products or someone else's, we want you to have options! We promise we will never charge you $50.00 for a simple nursing t-shirt and we won't try to sell you frumpy, out-of-style fashions. 

I'm a real mom on my own breastfeeding journey with my 6 month old daughter. If I wouldn't wear it, it won't be on this site! And if I would look at it and say, "That's how much?!?", then it won't be here either. I hope to make your life a little bit easier and more comfortable too :)

We want YOU to tell us what YOU want and what we should be doing differently or could be doing better to make shopping with us the best possible experience all around!

Welcome to Latched on Love and I hope you will follow us along on this crazy journey of building our dream business!

November 25, 2015 by Erin M
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Issang said:

I hope you’ll sell nursing dresses that moms can wear to a wedding or other special occasions. Always so hard to find one that doesn’t look like it’s just a weekend dress. I end up wearing a wrap dress or a deep b-neck, but my baby hates nursing cover and I can’t nurse without a cover when I’m wearing a v-neck/wrap dress.

Latched on Love

Latched on Love said:

Issang thank you so much for your feedback. We love hearing from our customers on what would make your life easier as a nursing mom. We will definitely keep this in mind as we continue to plan and design future products.

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