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Nursing in Public

 Nursing in Public

For some odd reason, breastfeeding in public seems to elicit such dramatic responses in people. Our society is completely fine seeing scantily clad models posted up in store windows and billboards, but god forbid a mom whips out a boob to FEED her child, and people are all of a sudden up in arms. I mean, really? I can't seem to understand why almost every time I breastfeed my daughter in public, at least one (and usually much more) person looks at me like I have three heads. How dare I feed my baby in public!! And to those people, I have one thing to say...GET OVER IT. Baby is hungry and baby's gotta eat! 

 To those who say:

"Why don't you just give baby a bottle when you're out?"

- Well for starters, I don't have the time to prepare a bottle and worry about possibly wasting precious pumped milk when I can just give it to her straight from the tap. Second, I have a baby who has refused each and every bottle. And third, I don't ask you to eat your food a different way than you want to, so why should my baby?


"At least use a cover! Not everyone should have to see your boobs everywhere!"

- Mom's should feel free to use a cover or not use a cover. Just like everyone chooses whether or not to wear a hat or not when it's cold---you don't see people up in arms if your husband doesn't wear a hat to work when it's chilly- same applies to nursing covers.


"You don't want other men looking at your breasts!"

- If a man is watching me feed my baby and that's a turn-on- he's either a complete weirdo or doesn't have kids and is totally freaked out by it--either way- not my problem!


"Can't you go in the bathroom or something?"

- Can you go eat your lunch sitting on a dirty toilet? No? I didn't think so.


This hilarious video sums up all my thoughts nicely. I think you'll get a pretty good laugh out of it! 

December 01, 2015 by Erin M
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