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"Momming" on Your Own

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I don't think I ever pictured having to parent on my own, especially a baby. I mean, it takes two people to make a baby, so it should take two people to raise one, right? In theory, sure, but unfortunately not always in reality. Because to put it simply, s**t happens.

My husband and I are dealing with an unexpected deployment and it is HARD. There is no one to say "Here take her! I haven't even showered today!" when they get home from work. No one to help in the middle of the night. No one to hold her while I'm trying to cook or go to the bathroom. It's all me and there's no taking a break or a sick day. I have a serious new found respect for single parents- you are superheroes. Seriously. 

Today was one of those days. Baby girl woke up throwing up all over me, the bed, the pillows, herself, EVERYTHING at 4am. Then again at 5am. And again at 7am. We've had 2 sheet changes, 3 outfit changes for us both, and so many tears all before we normally wake up. All I can do is cry and wish someone was here to help me. The rest of the day wasn't a whole lot better. More vomiting and an incredibly fussy baby. After doing loads of wash and getting the sheets back on the bed, I walk downstairs to find the worst surprise ever on the carpet (which is white...) from one of our dogs. It was DISGUSTING and I had to clean it up while baby girl screamed in her jumperoo. Kill me now. My husband will be waking up to so many angry/sad/crazy texts (I hate the time difference). 

But you know what I'm thankful for today? That my 9 month old can't tell time. Because around 6pm I just couldn't mom anymore and I decided it was bedtime. Thankfully she cooperated and went to sleep. I don't even care how early she wakes up, this day needed to be over! 

I'm not very far into this solo parenting adventure so I don't have much advice yet. Here's all I've got for now:

- Lean on family and friends and accept or ask for help (I'm working on this one. I'm really bad at accepting help!)

- Sometimes a day sucks and you just have to start over the next day

- Remember how much you love that little thing that just threw up/pooped/fill-in-the- blank on you


Any additions to this list?

February 19, 2016 by Erin M
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