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The Importance of Finding your Mom Squad

mom squad

The term "mom squad" is becoming more and more common these days. I had never even heard it before I actually became a mom though.

Finding my mom squad has been invaluable. There's just nothing like finding a supportive group of women who are going through the same phases in life that you are. Your pre-baby childless friends just don't get it sometimes and that can make you feel frustrated and isolated. Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world that is also completely under-appreciated.

Baby not sleeping at night and you feel like you're losing your mind?...text or call your mom squad friends. Baby teething and you're ripping your hair out? squad. Breastfeeding isn't going well and your nipples feel like they're falling off and it's going to be horrible forever? squad.

Even if they can't give you a magic cure for your parenting troubles, they can at least commiserate with you or offer some kind of advice that may help. Simply feeling like you aren't alone though may make all the difference in the world. It certainly does for me.

And everything is more fun with friends, including baby play dates! They may not care much yet, so play dates are really more for you now anyways. So having a great group of mom friends gives you a chance to socialize while spending time with your babies! Just getting out of the house can be life changing when your life is a monotonous mess of spit up and dirty clothes.

I am so thankful and grateful to my mom squad for helping me survive the first year of being a mommy. And they continue to be there for me through toddlerhood.

So whether you have a one week old or a three year old, go find your mom squad. You could find them in a mommy support group (La Leche League, Babywearing group, new mom group, play date group) or even at Gymboree or in your neighborhood or at the playground. I've always felt like finding new mom friends is kind of like dating haha. It can be hard and nerve wracking at first but really we are all in the same boat and everything is easier when you don't go it alone!


Here's just some of my beautiful mom squad friends (that's me in the back right!) :)

mom friends

July 05, 2016 by Erin M
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