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Where, oh where, should my baby sleep?



There are so many options for where your baby will sleep. It may change throughout the course of their first few years. Most new moms agonize over decorating and getting the nursery ready for baby's impending arrival only to find that a nursery doesn't end up being the best option for their family. 

I will preface this article with the current SIDS recommendation: babies should sleep in the same room as their parent for at least the first six months. 

Every family is different and you have to decide what works best for you!

  1. A bassinet in your room. Baby isn't in bed with you but sleeps in a bassinet right next to your bed. This makes breastfeeding much easier and more successful. 
  1. Bedsharing. Baby is in bed on the same surface with you. Bedsharing can be very beneficial if done safely! It can help both mom and baby maximize sleep. 
  1. Sidecar crib. You take one side off the crib and put in snugly against the side of your bed. It's like bed sharing but baby has more of their own space. Again, do this safely!
  1. Floor bed. If you want to bedshare without the worry of baby falling, this is a good option.  
  1. Baby in a pack n play or crib in your room. They can sleep in your room but more in their own space. They can get used to their crib but still be in the same room with you.
  1. Baby in their crib in their nursery. This can work but it can make night wakings more disruptive. Make sure you have a great monitor though. 


August 25, 2016 by Erin M
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